TRETYAKOV S. (1892-1939), AUTOGRAPH ADDRESSED to I. von GUNTER Handwritten poem «Who are you, from old bronzes sculpted...» with a dedication «V. S.».

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Karlsbad, 4. VII. 1913 1 p. 25x22 cm. With a PostScript: «To the man who gave me Cheerfulness, Hans Gansovich Gunter with grateful joy.» S. Tretyakov’s handwritten signature at the end of the text. Here, Karlsbad is the oldest dacha village on the territory of Jurmala (now - Melluzhi). In the summer of 1913, Gunter was living on the Riga seaside, S. Tretyakov visited him among others. The publication of the poem is not known. Provenance: From the legacy of I. Gunter. Johannes von Gunter (1886-1973) was a German poet and a prominent translator of Russian literature. An active participant in the Russian and German literary life of the early twentieth century. Bibliography: Kuhto E. V. «Russian theme» in the auction houses of Europe. CH. XXII // About books. 2012. no. 2 (22). Pp. 63-89.