Lot 709:
Aut. Letter. Signed to General Friedrich-Wilhelm Bauer. S.l., 9 March 1771.
8 000 10 000
1 pp. dual-leafet in-4, 22 x 19.5 cm in German, address on the back in Russian, stamped with a red seal. On the reverse annotation in Russian and wax seal. A very curious letter from Czarina Catherine II, asking her favourite, General Bauer, to inquire regarding a “young beauty” [jünge Schönheit] whose qualities were boasted to her; Count Orlov spoke about this to late for her to discuss it with General Orlov as a private matter; she asks to write to him discretely on this subject matter, by sending it to Count Orlov. She adds as a post-scriptum: All this must remain between us, you can say that I commissioned geographic cards from you. Herr General Major Bauer, aus welchen Haüse ist die jünge Schönheit von welchen an ihnen geschrieben war, das wenn ich sie sehen würde, sie mir ohne Zweifel gefallen würde. Mir hat der Graff Orlof zu spät hieran gesprochen um das ich mir mündlich hätte mit ihnen expliciren können. Sie würden mir einen Gefallen tun wenn sie mir hierüber ein paar zeilen andtworten. Im übrigen verbleibe wie inderzeit mit vielen Gewogenheit (…). Alles dieses bleibt ünter uns, sie können sagen das ich ihnen mir Cartegraphodert habe. Friedrich-Wilhelm Bauer (1731-1783) – Russian General- Quartermaster, hydraulic engineer, architect, cartographer. German origin. Since 1755 he is in Hessen Army. Since 1757 he participates in Seven Years` War. Being in the Army he has shown himself a talented officer and very soon was promoted to a rank of General- Quartermaster and General-Adjutant. His warrior`s glory and commander abilities reached Empress Catherine II and she invited Bauer into Russian Army in 1769. He was appointed to the troops under Roumiantsev`s command fighting against Turks near Danube. He was appointed a vanguard commander and has shown himself brave and talented officer. The Empress has demonstrated her full credit to him and awarded him St. Anna and St. Georgy orders. In 1773 Lieutenant General and General engineer Bauer became a Chevalier of St. Alexander Nevski Order. Once a peace agreement of 1774 was concluded Bauer is engaged into General Headquarters (High Commandment) rebuilding and becomes its Chief. As engineer and architect he was working hard over design and building of a number of constructions. First of all such constructions as a water conduit from Mytishchi to Moscow and a water conduit to Tsarskoe selo (Tsar village near St. Petersburg). As well Bauer designed a number of fortresses, harbors in Riga and Kronshtadt. He has built a first storm water drain system in St. Petersburg. Under his leadership erection of granite embankments and accesses to Fontanka river and Griboedov channel was started. He presided a construction commission on Catherine Channel in Tsarskoe selo. He contributed a lot into Russian cartography development.
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