EMPRESS OF RUSSIA ELIZABETH PETROVNA (1709 – 1761), EMPRESS OF RUSSIA CATHERINE II (1729-1796) , The letters patent to the Chamber CalMaster Dmitry Alexandrovich Simonov on granting him the villages in Kasimov county.

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The signature: `confirmed by Catherine`, also signed by the Chancellor Count Bestuzhev Ryumin. Confirmed. October 10, 1762 4 p. (parchment). 45 x 37,3 cm. Catherine II` personal signature. In velvet binding, decorated with the Russian Imperial arms in gold and silver embroidery on top and Empress` monogram on back side. Silk flyleaves. Text decorated with artwork ornament frames made with gold and silver leaves and water colors. Title page frame decorated with two-headed eagle emblem. The letters paten were made shortly before Empress Elizabeth Petrovna` s death and signed by Catherine II just after being enthroned. Dmitry Alexandrovich Simonov. Since 1736 Chamber CalMaster (Master of House) at Her Imperial Majesty`s Court. Provenance: academician Bondarchuk’s collection.