Pozdnyshev S.D.

Lot 598
Pozdnyshev S.D. Unfading light : [on the 30th anniversary of the Yekaterinburg atrocities] / S. Pozdnyshev. [Sao Paulo: typography I.P. Ostrensky, 1949]. - 66 p., [21] l. ill., portrait; 23x16 cm. - 1000 copies. The publishing cover contains numerous photographs of the royal family. Professio- nal restoration of the spine. Publishing cuff with text: "The income from the publication of the book will be used to assist the disabled and on scholarships for Russian boys in the school named after Emperor Nicholas II." The book was prepared to commemorate the murdered Emperor Nicholas II and his family, for the 25th anniversary of the Yekaterinburg execution, by the Union of Adherents in Memory of Emperor Nicholas II. However, the occupying German censorship considered the publication "untimely" and did not give permission to print. As a result, “Unfading Light” was released on the 30th anniversary of the execution of the royal family.