Great Duke Gabriel Konstantinovich (1887-1955). Autograph.

Lot 597
Great Duke Gabriel Konstantinovich (1887-1955). Autograph. Letter to G.A. Baikov. Christmas greetings to the officers of the Narva Hussars Regiment. 1941 Prince of the Imperial Blood Gabriel Konstantinovich (1887-1955) - son of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich, the great-grandson of Emperor Nicholas I. Officer of the Life Guards Hussars, participated in the First World War, in 1915 he was awarded the Golden Weapon "For Bravery", from 1916 - Colonel. Cossack of the village of Sakmarian Orenburg Cossack troops (1916). In 1939, Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich bestowed upon him a grand duke's title. Gleb Arkadyevich Baikov (1895-1969) - a graduate of the 1st Cadet Corps and the Tver Cavalry School (1914). Captain of the 13th Narva Hussars. Participant of the First World War. He lived in Paris, in exile.