Lot 928
4 0005 000
Oil and crayon on canvas 96.5 x 132 cm (38 x 52 in.) Executed in 2005 Provenance: The artist Private collection This lot is under temporary exportation and is subject to import tax (EU). French-American, Alexandre Charriol was born in Hawaii and studied at the Parson School of Design (2001-2003), Tufts University (1999-2001), Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and Northeastern University (1998-1999), before setting up his own studio in New York. Since 1999, he has had a number of sold-out national and international exhibitions including at the Yoshii Gallery in Paris, the Ayala Museum in Manila and at the Kee Club and Art Statements Gallery in Hong Kong. Working in a variety of mediums, including oils, plastic, and wood, Charriol’s work is primal, energetic and humorous. His paintings are narratives and colorful with flattened perspectives, created in pastel and acrylic paint, commingling motifs both familiar and strange. His inspiration comes from everyday events, from his travels and experiences filtered by his own sub-conscious. He is also inspired by movies and storyboards.