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"Shanghay Baby", 2002 Signed «Stoneman», inscribed «Shanghay Baby», dated «2002». Mixed techniques on Dibond 131.70 x 129.70 cm (517/8 x 51in.) Provenance: Private Collection, Switzerland, acquired directly from the artist Bibliography: Thomas Egloff, Moving Paintings, in: Christoph Steinmann (ed.), Stoneman, Baden 2009, (p. 27). American artist Christoph Steinmann also goes under the surname ‘Stoneman.’ Inspired by the oversized billboards that shape the American urban landscapes, he first started as a photographer and was noticed later on for intense and colorful paintings, which stood out for their very expressive and striking style. This work, called ‘Shanghay Baby’ (2002), shows the representation of a man in relation to his lifeworld: in his daily environment, everyday life; surrounded by feelings, emotions and moods. It is like an illustration of the continuous rhythm of nature, which is a great source of inspiration for the artist. In fact, he wishes to tell stories written directly by Life itself. He also plays with black square shapes, letting the images change and move throughout space.