France, Paris; 1840-ies

Lot 85
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France, Paris; 1840-ies bronze, casting, chasing, gilding, patina 34 x 9.5 x 26.5 cm. with a pendulum and a key The clock depicts the gure of Emperor Peter I, fearlessly navigating a boat while holding the rudder with his right hand, dying in the midst of the raging waves. The base of the gure standing on the boat is a crest of a wave with a clock dial mounted on it.The pedestal is rectangular and decorated with cuttings in the form of acanthus leaves and braids, on four ornamented legs with palmettes. The sculptural gure is executed based on the composition of the painting Sh. Steiben «Peter I during a storm on Lake Ladoga.» The plot was taken from an incident that actually happened during the storm at Lake Ladoga. The Emperor managed to take control of the boat and avoid imminent death. Scheiben’s painting was exhibited at the Academic Salon in Paris in 1812. 34 x 9,5 x 26,5 см.