Лот 617
The jacket is embroidered with an eccentric motif of sea clam shells. The skirt is heavily embellished with floral patterned lace. The collar of the jacket is decorated with lace. Fabric composition: silk, organza, cotton, lace, wool Length of the jacket : 68 cm Waist of the jacket : 66 cm Length of the skirt : 103 cm Provenance: Mavrocordato family Originating from the esteemed Mavrocordato family, historical rulers (ospodar) in regions forming modern-day Romania, this collection of 15 vintage garments intricately weaves together aristocratic elegance and cultural evolution. Among these treasures are select pieces by the influential British couturier John Redfern, who left an indelible mark on women's wardrobe development. Notably, Redfern adorned crowned heads, with admirers including British Queens Victoria and Alexandra, and Russian empresses Maria Feodorovna and Alexandra Feodorovna. At the close of the nineteenth century, Redfern's groundbreaking Taylor suit marked a pivotal shift in women's fashion, characterized by a jacket-like top, matching skirt, blouse with a high-standing collar, and a woman's tie. This ensemble, worn by the future Queen Alexandra during her travels to Europe with the Prince of Wales, encapsulates the intersection of fashion and royalty. The craftsmanship and overall fabric quality of these garments are not only striking but also contribute to their high historical and collectible importance, making this antique clothing selection truly exceptional.