OTTOMAN Poems Book. 1882

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Ottoman poems, translated into English verse in the original forms, with introduction, biographical notices, and notes by E.J. W. Gibb, M.R.A.S. London, Glasgow 1882, 272 pages 23x19x3cm, 930 gr Elias John Wilkinson Gibb (1857-1901) was a Scottish Orientalist who was born and educated in Glasgow. After studying Arabic and Persian, he developed an interest in Turkish language and literature, especially poetry, and in 1882 he published Ottoman Poems Translated into English Verse in the Original Forms. Gibb acquired a knowledge of Arabic and Persian languages, and became especially interested in Turkish language and literature. Gibb married and moved to London in 1899. He made a few visits to Europe, but never visited the regions that he studied. He did, however, come to be viewed as a sympathetic and talented orientalist, with an excellent library. Gibb died in London of scarlet fever at the age of 44, and only the first volume of his masterpiece appeared before his death.