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JAZEH TABATABAI (1931-2008) Seating figure with flower

signed in Farsi and English ‘JAZEH TABATABAI’ (lower right) gouache on paper 48 x 35 cm «One day, I am a writer and one day a painter; I wake up, and I am a different person who perceives the structure differently, and this flame always torches inside me. Having perception is enough, and the form of expression shall be found.» Painted with bright colours, the present painting features a dreamy figure of a girl with a flower in garments decorated with traditional folklore patterns. Born in 1931 in Tehran, Jazeh Tabatabai (Ali Tabatabai) was an Iranian avant-garde painter, sculptor, poet, and writer. He started writing when he was twelve. He wrote folklore stories, novels, poems, art critic and plays. He graduated from the ballet academy in 1950. Ten years later, at the age of twenty-nine, he completed his painting course at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Tehran. The following year he established the Iran’s Modern Art Gallery, the first art gallery in Iran. Jazz Tabatabai’s works are held in many museums and art collections around the world, including the Louvre and Metropolitan Museum of Art, and have been part of the Biennials of Paris, Sao Paulo, Venice.