CARL GUSTAV JUNG (1875-1961) Typed letter signed, in German, from Carl Gustav Jung to his former student Anja Teillard-Mendelssohn, Küsnacht-Zürich, 30 August 1943.

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3/4 p. folio, printed header “Prof. Dr. C. J. Jung”, two perforations in the margin on the left-hand side, not affecting the text. “...Nach meiner Meinung gibt es keine stereotypen Bedeutungen in der praktischen Trauminterpretation. Das Publikum, das bei uns sehr viel gebildeter ist, als in Frankreich, könnte diese Beziehung meines Namens zu dieser Art Popularität nicht verstehen...” “... In my opinion, there are no stereotyped meanings in the practical interpretation of dreams. The public, which is much more educated in our country than in France, could not understand this relation of my name to this kind of popularity...” Student of Carl Gustav Jung and the graphologist Ludwig Klages, Ania Teillard was the daughter of a German philologist (Ludwig Mendelssohn) from the University of Dorpat, now Tartu in Estonia, and settled in France. Her work is marked by the ambition to adapt Jung’s analytical psychology to graphology. She published various books in German and French, including the best-selling The symbolism of dreams (1944).