ARTHUR HONEGGER (1892-1955) Programme «Bach-Honegger Festival...19 May 1942» with dedication.

Лот 792
Poitiers, Imprimerie nouvelle, 1942. 3 double sheets, one of which on soft cardboard with Honegger’s photographic portrait glued on. Autograph signed «to Monsieur Texier as a very cordial souvenir... Poitiers 1942». Programme of the Bach-Honegger Festival which, on Tuesday 19 May 1942, offered to perform works by Bach under the direction of Arthur Honegger, as well as his own Prelude, Arioso Fughette sur le nom de Bach, Six poems by Jean Cocteau, Concertino for piano, and La Danse des morts on a text by Paul Claudel with Jean-Louis Barrault as reciter. To the printed list of works with an indication of the artists, the organizers have here added an Analytical Notice of the works represented (including comments by Arthur Honegger on his Concertino and the Dance des morts), as well as Paul CLAUDEL’s text for La Danse des morts.