MANUEL DE FALLA (1876-1946) Set of 3 pieces, 2 with autograph apostilles, addressed to Madeleine Greslé. Accompanied by 3 envelopes

Лот 784
1) Autograph apostille signed, in French (1/2 p. in 12 square) on an autograph letter signed by his sister María-del-Carmen de Falla, in Spanish (3 pp. in-12 square, envelope preserved). 11 July 1930. Friendly letter, thanking him for the gift of a lighter. 2) Printed, in French, with Manuel de Falla's autograph mention of Madeleine Greslé as the addressee. Granada, 28 May 1922. Bristol in-12 oblong, envelope with autograph address preserved. Invitation card to the Andalusian Primitive Music Festival to be held in Granada on 13 and 14 June 1922. 3) Printed document, in French. Another card with details of the same festival.