Mirror polished egg, 2008

Лот 77
46 80052 000
Bronze 31 x 19 x 29 cm Rosini Foundry edition of 8 Mirror Polished Egg An egg. Eggs in unstable equilibrium. Like to better defy the laws of gra- vity. Climb to the sky. Or just to play! To play lines and volumes. To pro- ject oneself into another dimension ... In any case, a very singular way of apprehending things. To discover their secrets. To reveal their comlexity. And to want to revisit nature to better give it to us to see. The egg according to Patrick Roger. Or the egg quadrature. Always rise up. And maybe never fall back!The shape seems to dance beneath our eyes. At each glance it moves, shifts: woman or flam, beauty or rebellious. It reshapes and transforms itself. An evanscent aluminium structure, dressed, undressed, immaculately milky white, ready to languish, an apparition as mch as a disappearance. This structure is as much dream as reality. Beyond shape and matter, it is movement and sensuality that seek to capture that gesture of evasive femi- ninity.