Oil on canvas

Лот 616
6 0008 000
Oil on canvas 92 x 77 cm In this painting the view of the countryside suggest the celebra- tion of leisure time, pleasure of physical activities in the fresh air with the association of nature as God’s creation. A diagonally constructed com- position separates the scene of a woodland with a hunting setting in darker tonal style contrasting with a warm golden light of sun-setting sky. Frederik de Moucheron was a landscape painter of the Dutch Golden Age. Pupil of Jan Asselijn in Amsterdam in the mid- XVIIth c., he travelled to Antwerp, Paris, Lyon and was back in Amsterdam in 1659. He painted French, Italian, and Dutch landscapes and collaborated with painters such as Dirck Hel- mbreeker, Adriaen van de Velde, Johannes Lingelbach and also Jan van Huchtenburg.