HELIOS GOMEZ (1905-1956) Viva Octubre - Drawings on the Spanish Revolution Brussels - E.P.I.- Bolyn - 1934, preface by Jean Cassou

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6 pages of text - 20 plates and 2 pp. In French. Copy on publisher’s paper, unsigned, handwritten bookplate, pages bound together by a string Cover frayed with a 4x5cm gap in the left corner on the back, very good condition inside 24 x 20 cm Most of these plates were drawn between October and December 1934 on board the «Uruguay», a floating prison in the port of Barcelona.Viva Octubre is Gómez’s third album, after «Días de ira» and «Revolución Española». Helios Gómez-Rodríguez, a Spanish libertarian of Andalusian origin, artist and poet, belonged to the inter-war generation committed to political and social causes. He is best known for his work in the field of graphic design, advertising, newspaper headers, militant posters and illustrations published in the press and in various albums. His work went hand in hand with intense political activism.