ARMAND DAYOT (1851-1934) “THE IMAGE OF THE WOMAN” 1899 Librairie Hachette et Cie M.DCCC.XCIX.

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By Armand Dayot, Inspector of Fine Arts 1899 Librairie Hachette et Cie M.DCCC.XCIX. Inscribed in pencil «Offered by ...... April 1901». In French. 397 pp, 31 x 22 x 5.5 cm Bound in full red leather (scuffing, spotting, small holes), Title page illustrated in colour, Numerous black and white illustrations in and out of text, off-text engravings with serpents (foxing), Table of contents at the end of the book. Table of Contents (Divisions of the book) The Image of the Woman. - Foreword p.1 Chapter I - Antiquity (Egypt, Greece, Rome) p.17 Chapter II - From the End of Pagan Antiquity to the Beginning of the Renaissance (Christian Art - Gothic Art - The Primitives) p.33 Chapter III. - The Sixteenth Century p.65 Chapter IV - Seventeenth Century p.129 Chapter V. - Eighteenth Century p.197 Chapter VI. - Nineteenth Century p.289 Armand Pierre Marie Dayot, Pseudonym: MÉRIEM Jean, is a French historian, art critic, art historian who had many activities during his long career, journalist, man of letters, exhibition organizer, Inspector General of Fine Arts, director/founder of the review L’Art et les Artistes (French monthly review of art history, founded in 1905 and disappeared in 1939). With «L’Image de la femme» he promoted a French art concerned with beauty and grace and rooted in the 18th century.