VALERY YAKOVLEVICH BRYUSOV (1873-1924) Late Poem ‘Mir Elektrona’ [ “Electron World”. “Мир электрона”] 1922 Autograph poem

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No place, no date, [1922]. Title and number ‘2’ in pencil beside the title, 20 verses. In Russian. 1p. approx 36 x 22 cm Microscopic vision of the universes contained within the atom. Composition, 13 August 1922. Bryusov is one of the most prominent Russian Symbolist poets; his early poems were inspired by his translations of the French Symbolists. He was one of the few Symbolist poets to remain in Russia after 1917, and played an active part in the new Soviet literary institutions. ‘Electron world’ in particular is characteristic of his interest in the scientific and the exotic in his later poetry.