ORZHYKH BORIS DMITRIEVICH (1864-1947) For freedom: Album of freedom fighters: 154 individual portraits, 37 groups and views; with biographies and notes to them. Part 1. Nagasaki: print. ‘Volia’, 1907.

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[1], 156 p., 79 p. Il.; 19х26,5cm. In the composite binding of the time. The colourful illustrated publisher’s cover by artist who signed ‘Oscar’ has been preserved. The block is slightly loose. The spine with gold-embossed inscription ‘album’ in Hebrew. Boris Dmitrievich Orzhykh (1864-1947) - Narodovolets (member of illegal ‘People’s Will’ organization), one of the organization’s leaders of the Russia South. Since 1983, he carried out revolutionary work in the cities of Southern Russia. In 1885 he united a number of circles and organizations of ‘Narodnaya Volya’ (‘People’s Will) in the South of Russia into a monolith organization. In the same year he created an underground printing house in Taganrog. In 1886 he was arrested in Ekaterinoslav and sentenced to death, which in the process of confirmation was replaced by eternal penal servitude. In 1897 he was exiled to Sakhalin. After 1905 Orzhykh managed to go to Japan, where he continued his revolutionary activities - publishing the newspaper ‘Freedom’, keeping communication with the Social revolutioners; lived in Nagasaki, where in 1906-1908 created an organization to help Russian emigrants.