Maykov A.N. (1821-1897) Stikhotvoreniya Apollona Maykova [Poems by Apollon Maykov.] - [2nd ed:] [in 2 books]. SPb.: ed. Graf G.A Kushelev-Bezborodko, 1858.

Lotto 707
Book 1. 247, V p.; Kn. 2. 294, IV p. 25x16.5 cm. In two individual composite bindings from the same period. Leather bound spine embossed, leather edges, covers glued with green marbled paper. Embossed super-exlib «A.P.» in the lower margin of each volume’s spine. Very good condition. Minor scuffs to the bindings, loss of fragments of the spine leather, traces of stickers on the spine. The third compilation of poems. The poet’s lifetime edition. The first book of poetry by Apollon Maykov was published in 1842. The second small book, titled «1854», was published in 1855 and consisted only of several poems written on the theme of the Eastern War (Crimean war). Therefore, the book «Poems», published in 1858, is in fact, the second, considerably enlarged edition of Maykov’s poetry collection. Literature: Rozanov. №930.