JEAN COCTEAU (1889-1963) 2 Autograph letters signed and an envelope, addressed to the poet and bookseller Pierre Béarn.

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1) Autograph letter signed «Jean Cocteau» dated 13 February 1953. 1 page in4. In French. «... it’s a confusing thing: if it weren’t for the dates I’d say that the doctor ... appropriated your text ... You know me incapable of the slightest lie. I return the text and consider our contact as one of those phenomena which are the only reality...» 2) Autograph letter signed «Jean Cocteau» dated 4 November 1954. 1 page in4. In French «...I apologise for not sending you more [for the poets’ mandate] - but I am ruining myself for my chapel...» 3) Autograph envelope, recommendation label, stamp and postmark «Milly La Forêt - 2-11-1950 -Seine-et-Oise