COLLECTION OF Autographed PHOTOGRAPHS AND POSTCARDS signed BY ARTISTS: - 18 TV stars like Patrick Poivre d’Arvor (B.1947), Pascal Sevran (1945-2008), Sophie Garel (B.1942) - 41 theater and movie actors like Jacques Morel (1922–2008), Jean Richard (1921-2001), Darry Cowl (1925-2006), Jean Le Poulain (1924-1988) - 46 theater and movie actresses like Christine Delaroche (B.1944), Andréa Ferréol (B.1947), Chantal Nobel (B.1948), Sonia Vollereaux (B.1959) - 35 singers and musicians Sacha Distel (1933-2004), Richard Clayderman (B.1953), Michèle Torr (B.1947), Line Renaud (B.1928) - 2 athletes

Lotto 635
This collection belonged painter Pierre Claude Gilardi “Spider”. Severely ill, he collected autographs by film, television and music stars as a distraction.