ANDRÉ GIDE (1869-1951) Passport signed with photographic portrait and 3 pieces concerning his trip to Spain in 1951. Passport of the writer (N°68332): Signed document. Paris, 24 May 1947. Booklet in 12, 32 pp. in printed cover, with photographic portrait.

Lotto 626
3 500 4 500
Passport whose validity was extended in 1950, with English (June 1947), American (for the occupation zone in Germany, June 1947), Swiss (June 1947, October 1947, March 1948), Italian (July 1948, October 1948), Spanish (January 1951) visas. Page 22 of the passport, autograph apostille signed by André Gide’s son-in-law, the academic Jean Lambert: «My dear Richard, Catherine [André Gide’s daughter] and I thought you would be happy to have this last traveller’s passport... 24 February 1951». Enclosed, 3 documents concerning André Gide’s trip to Spain in 1951, including his visa application (form printed at the Spanish Consulate in Paris, with autograph additions signed by him. André Gide, French writer, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1947.