AUGUSTO PINOCHET UGARTE (1915-2006) Autographed photograph signed ‘Pinochet’ and typed letter signed by lieutenant colonel, addressed to the collector Gérard Leman Santiago of Chile, March 27th, 2001.

Lotto 604
1p. In English. Good condition. Small tear of a staple in the upper left corner. 27,5 x 21,5 cm “… Please received from Honorable Senator Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, his best regards and his excuses because he did not answer personally your note… enclosed… photograph of the Senator, with his signature…” Accompanied by a photograph of Augusto Pinochet, signed in blue ink. ‘Pinochet’ lower right Augusto Pinochet stamp on reverse, text partly erased in printing. Official photograph (c. 1974) 24 x 18 cm Included : Envelope with typed address label and postage label «Santiago-21 Correos de Chile» dated 23/04/2001. Handwritten note with date of receipt «30.04.[20]01». On reverse, handwritten address Augusto Pinochet U. 19.8 x 25.5 cm Chilean military and statesman. Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean army, General Pinochet overthrew the socialist government of Salvador Allende by force on 11 September 1973 and seized power. He became head of state until 1990. After losing the 1988 referendum, which he organised to maintain his power, he had to help prepare the transition to democracy. He handed over power to Patricio Aylwin (democratically elected president) on 11 March 1990 and remained commander-in-chief of the Chilean army until 1998, when he became a senator for life as former president. He was arrested in London in 1998 following an international complaint filed in Spain, but was finally released in March 2000 for health reasons and died before the legal proceedings against him could be concluded.