CHARLES DE GAULLE (1890-1970) Typed letter, signed «C. de Gaulle», addressed to Captain Conrad Flavian. Marly, 25 May 1946,

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1p. on headed paper «Le Général de Gaulle», In French. «I thank you for the thoughtfulness with which you sent me your beautiful book. It is not without emotion that I have read this ardent testimony. I wanted you to know about it...» Conrad Flavian (1902-1993), a Hungarian born in Bucharest, joined the Free French Forces in September 1942. By decree of 15 October 1945, General de Gaulle awarded him the «Medal of the French Resistance», Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur, Croix de Guerre. Author of «De la nuit vers la lumière» (From night to light) (1939-1945) published on 11 April 1946, J. Peyronnet & Cie, Éditeurs, Paris and «Ils furent des hommes» (They were men), Essais et documents, Nouvelles Editions Latines, Paris 1948.