WALÉRY (PHOTOGRAPHER TO THE QUEEN) Three photographs by Waléry of the Count of Paris and his family (offered by the Countess of Paris - printed signatures)

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Mounted on cardboard, captioned. 20,5 x 15,8 cm 1) Isabelle Countess of Paris Isabelle d'Orléans-Bragance (1911-2003) Wife of Henri d'Orléans. As wife of the Orleanist pretender to the throne of France from 1940 to 1999, she bore the courtesy title of Countess of Paris. 2) Philippe Count of Paris Louis Philippe Albert d'Orléans (1838-1894), Count of Paris, was the last royal prince of France, from 1842 to 1848. 3) Philippe Duke of Orléans Philippe Duc d'Orléans (1869-1926), eldest son of the Count of Paris, claimed the French throne in 1894.