JUAN DOMINGO PERON (1895-1974) ARGENTINE REPUBLIC - MINISTRY OF WAR Typed letter with printed letterhead «República Argentina - Ministerio de Guerra» Buenos Aires, 19 September 1944.

Lotto 557
Juan Perón, Minister of War and Vice-President of the Argentine Nation. Decree No. 24598/44. Decision issued of the Auditor General of War and Navy and the proposal of the Minister of War, about pardoning an officer and the rehabilitation of the right to use of uniform and rank title. Announcement published in the Official Bulletin of the Armed Forces. Typed document with printed letterhead «República Argentina - Ministerio de Guerra» with embossed emblem. Various stamps, including the Minister of War, the Secretary of War and handwritten indication of the folio number (N°44), date stamp «19 SET. 1944». 2 tears in the left margin without affecting the text, one tear at the lower right margin of the document without affecting the reading of the text. 2 p. In Spanish.