ZADOC KAHN (1839-1905) Autograph letter signed «Zadoc Kahn» to «Monsieur le Docteur». Paris, February 1869

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In French. 1p. in8. At the head with his initials. Written in black ink. Good condition. Folds inherent to the mailing. 20,5 x 13,5 cm «... I was very sorry to have missed your kind visit, especially as I had to write to you... to ask you to serve me... as cicerone in your hospital, as you were good enough to promise me... Next Sunday morning I see nothing to keep me at home and, therefore, if you will take me in passing, I shall be delighted to take advantage of your kindness...» Zadoc Kahn. Chief Rabbi of France from 1889 until his death in 1905. He distinguished himself by fighting tirelessly against antisemitism and by militating for the rehabilitation of Alfred Dreyfus. Despite the many conflicts he had to face during his career, his influence earned him great respect among the French population, and he was made a knight and then an officer of the Legion of Honour.