Ekaterina Dolgorukova (1847-1922) Handwritten letter address to Alexander II N15 № 15 S.[aint]-P.[etersburg]. Friday 15/27 Jan. 1871. at 1 p.m. Saturday 16/28 Jan. 1871. at 11 h. ¾ am

Lotto 542
2 5003 000
in French and Russian Letter on a folded sheet, 4pp. paper, walnut ink. 20,5 x 13,3 cm inscribed by Alexander II in Cyrillic ‘Received SPB 16/2 jan.’ (upper left P.1) ‘You have completely recreated and renewd me...’ (from French) Alexander II is the only person who has an influence on her, and that makes her days brighter.