DESIGN OF THE BADGE OF THE ARTILLERY BRIGADE with monograms of Emperor Paul I and Nicholas II of Russia, late 19 - early 20 centuries from the archives of jewellery firm ‘Edouard’

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from the archives of jewellery firm ‘Edouard’ watercolor on cardboard 17.5 x 11.5 cm A wreath of laurel and oak branches set with the monograms of Emperors Paul I and Nicholas II, under a large imperial crown. On the wreath are two crossed cannons, on the muzzles of which are carved the jubilee dates: 1796 and 1896. The cannons bear the Cross of the Caucasus, in commemoration of the battery’s military service in the Caucasus. Under the cross is the battery badge of honour awarded in 1830, and under it is a burning grenade.