Lotto 503
100 200
1) Beauvais April 11, 1686, autograph document with seal, signed. «We Captain and Major commanding the Regiment of Champagne Certify that the named François Labadie dit la Branche segent in the company of Sieur de Baltazar captain in the said regiment has faithfully and very courageously served in the company both in this capacity and as a soldier for twenty eight years. Which because of the seniority of his age, of his wounds and other inconveniences, not being any more in a state to return his services to the King in his troops, we gave him the present certificate to be used to be received with the hostel of Mars, intended for reward with the old soldiers of His Majesty. Done at Beauvais on the eleventh of April one thousand six hundred and eighty-six. Several signatures follow 2) Autograph document with seal, dated 25 December 1714, signed. «We Colonel of an Infantry Regiment have given absolute leave to enter the Hostel Royal des Invalides, to the named Morand, sergeant of the Company of Laborde captain of the said regiment and attest to all that it will appear that he serves in the said company both as a soldier, corporal, and sergeant for twenty three years, having always fulfilled his duty as a good and faithful subject and having even distinguished himself on all occasions when the Regiment was encountered, having been wounded several times, notably of two sabre blows on the head and face, ... of a sabre blow to the hand, ... of a shot through the thigh. In faith of which we have given him the present certificate to serve him and to be worth as much as possible. ... this 25th December 1714. Signed «Miromenil» followed by two countersignatures with comments. 1 p.