Lotto 531
Factory of O. F. Kurlyukov, Moscow, late 19th century marks: silver mark ‘84’ with a «woman’s head facing right», the coat of arms of the city, mark in Cyrillic «O. KURLYUKOV» inscribed in French: ‘COMITE SUPÉRIEUR DE L’ÉDUCATION PHYSIQUE ET DES SPORTS DE L’USSR L’ÉQUIPE DE BOXE DE LA FÉDÉRATION PUGILISTIQUE FRANÇAISE EN SOUVENIR DE RENCONTRES EN URSS DÉCEMBRE 1937’; inscription made probably in 1937, in memory of the boxing match USSR - France in Moscow in December1937. height 43 cm Orest Fedorovich Kurlyukov (1845-1916) was the owner of one of the most famous silverware manufactories founded by him in Moscow in 1884. Producing silverware, precious stones and tableware made of crystal and art glass, the Kurlyukov’s factory was actively developing at the end of the 19th century, when they actively cooperated with the workshops of Rückert and Fabergé, and closed after the revolution in 1918.