ANDY WARHOL (1928-1987), AFTER Marilyn, 1970

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signed and inscribed by Andy Warhol 'This is not by me/ Andy Warhol 70', stamp 'Fill in your own signature', stamp 'published by Sunday B. Morning' (on the reverse) silkscreen print on paper 83 x 83 cm In 1967, Andy Warhol started his famous ‘Marilyn’ series, after the death of Marilyn Monroe. He produced 10 variations of the Marilyn's photo, used for the promotion of the film ‘Niagara’ (1953), each with its own colour combinations. There were only 250 portfolios ever produced, which has led to these works becoming some of the most sought after in the art world. In 1970, Warhol began discussions regarding a second series of prints, with the idea of the mass production - one of the themes of Warhol’s art. Negotiations failed, but by this time Sunday B. Mornings editions got the original negatives and colour codes and started printing ‘Marilyn’ The prints came out in 1970 with a black stamp on the reverse 'Fill In Your Own Signature'. It is not known whether Warhol was happy with these 'unauthorized' prints or not - after all, it was in keeping with his ideas about mass production. In any case, Warhol randomly signed some of the Sunday B. Monday prints "This is not by me. Andy Warhol", which only made them more desirable.