ALEXANDRE BENOIS (1870-1960) Family archive

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1) Nine handwritten letters addressed to the children, Anna-Camilla-Elizabeth (1895-1984); Elena (1898-1972), Nikolai (1901-1988). 1920s-1940s. In Russian. The earliest dated June 1926, the latest September 1934. 2) Four hand painted postcards. Paper, watercolour. Text in French. 1931-1939. 3) Two Christmas cards addressed to daughter Anne-Camilla-Elizabeth and her family. 1938 г. 4) Postcard with birthday greetings, addressed to his daughter Anna-Camilla-Elizabeth. With text and signatures of A.N. Benois and his wife Anna Karlovna. 1935 г. 5) Seven sketches of theatrical costumes and a portrait sketch. Paper, watercolour, pencil. 6) Handwritten letter by Albert Benoit (1852-1936). 20 June 1926. In French. 7) "Un ballo in maschera" ("A Masked Ball"): sketchbook with costume designs. Paper, watercolour. Probably by Nikolai Alexandrovich Benois. In 1978, he was invited to the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow to work on the stage design for Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Un ballo in maschera". 8) A large set of materials dedicated to N.A. Benoit: posters, photographs, postcards, clippings and periodicals, etc. Provenance: Descendants of the Benois family Acquired from the above by the present owner