AN ICON ‘THE BOGOLUBSKAYA MOTHER OF GOD’ Vladimir region, end of the 19th century

Lotto 279
tempera, levkas, gold leaf on wood panel 31 x 27 cm Condition: abrasions of the paint layer and gilding The painting is somewhat dry and graphic, yet expressively reflects the trends in the traditional iconographic art of the period. The iconography of this image is derived from the Byzantine version of Theotokos Agiosoritissa ("Holy Intercessor"), showing the Mother of God without Child, slightly from the side with both hands raised in prayer. The first version of the Bogolubskaya Mother of God was commissioned by Andrey Bogolyubsky, Grand prince of Vladimir-Suzdal, to commemorate of the apparition of the Virgin. In the composition, however, the Mother of God initially represented as the intercessor of Andrey Bogolyubsky, was later surrounded by other saints and patriarchs. The architectural background reproduces the silhouette of the Convent and the bell tower in Bogolyubovo.