AN ICON ‘THE MOTHER OF GOD, THE JOY OF ALL WHO SORROW’ IN A SILVER OKLAD Central Russia, end of the 19th century

Lotto 277
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tempera, levkas on wood panel oklad: silver, chased, embossed hallmarks: master’s mark ‘I.C.’; silversmith’s mark ‘A.K.’ over the date ‘1880’; coat of arms of the city of Moscow and silver mark “84” printed inscription in Italian ‘LA MADRE DI DIO ‘GIOIA DI TUTTI GLI AFLITTI’’ (on the reverse) 34.5 x 28 cm Condition: oklad is in very good condition, without restorations The composition of ‘The Mother of God, the Joy of All Who Sorrow’ illustrates the words of a prayer in which the Mother of God is venerated as "a joy for the sorrowful, a feeding for the hungry, a clothing for the naked, a recovery for the sick" etc. ‘Our Lady of All Who Sorrow’ is depicted full-length, with the Child on her left arm and surrounded by Saint Anisya, Saint Sergius, Saint Pelagia and Saint Nathalie. At the lower edge of the oklad there is a text of a prayer to the Mother of God.