GEORGY SAVITSKY (1887-1949) Picnic

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signed in Cyrillic ‘Savitsky 22’ (lower left), the author’s inscription 'Picnic Petrograd G. Savitsky 1922' (on the reverse) oil on canvas 60 x 75 cm 1922 Animal and battle painter. The son of the famous artist K.A.Savitsky. In 1902-1907 he studied at the Penza Art School, then at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (graduated in 1915 with the award of a business trip abroad). In 1918-1924 he was in charge of the decorative workshop of the Petrograd military district. In 1924 he moved to Moscow and joined the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia. 1941-1945 - works at TASS Windows. After the war - professor at the Moscow State Art Institute of V.Surikov.