MATHIEU DUMAS (1753-1837) Set of 7 pieces addressed to the publishers Johann Georg Treuttel and Johann Gottfried Würtz, 1816-1827.

Lotto 905
Relating to his “Précis des événements militaires, ou essais Historiques sur les Campagnes de 1799 à 1814”, published in 19 volumes from 1817 to 1826, in Paris and Strasbourg by the Treuttel and Würtz publishing house. The set includes a signed publishing contract with 2 autograph lines (1816), and, sometimes several on the same document, 21 receipts (20 signed autographs and one signed, 1816-1827), as well as a signed authorization to reprint the work (1827). Enclosed is an autograph letter signed by Colonel François-Auguste-Michel Muriel, relating to the same work and referring to Mathieu Dumas’ translation of “Histoire de la guerre dans la péninsule [...] depuis l’année 1807 jusqu’à l’année 1814” by William Francis Patrick Napier (1830), and a piece signed by General Mathieu Dumas’ son, Christian Léon Dumas, aide-de-camp to Louis-Philippe I (1842). Largest one: 24.8 x 17.4 cm Mathieu Dumas, born 23 November 1753 in Montpellier and died 16 October 1837 in Paris, French soldier, administrator and politician of the XVIIIᵉ and XIXᵉ centuries. Born into a family of Languedoc minor nobility, he joined the service at the age of 15, as an aspiring genius. Minister of War in Naples, under Joseph Bonaparte, created Count of the Empire in 1810, he attended the crossing of the Danube, then the Battle of Wagram. Intendant of the Grande Armée in 1812.