PIERRE PERCHINE (1877-1956) Five sketches

Lotto 97
1.Saint George slaying the dragon pencil on paper 27 х 21 cm 2.Oriental horsemen double-sided drawing signed in Cyrillic ‘P. Perchine’, inscription (lower right); signed ‘P Perchine’, initials and inscription (lower right) pencil, ink on tracing paper 29.6 х 21.1 cm 3. Falconer signed ‘P Perchine’, dated ‘10 mars 1941 Nice’ pencil, ink on tracing paper 31 х 19.6 cm 4.Oriental hunter signed ‘P Perchine’, dated ‘1940 Nice’. pencil, ink on tracing paper 17.7 х 16.2 cm 5. Rider signed ‘P Perchine’, dated ‘1940 Nice’ pencil, ink on tracing paper 26.5 х 11 cm Pierre Pershin, a native of an old landowning family of the Volga region, served as an officer in the Moscow Grenadier Regiment. He studied at the battle class of N.S. Samokish and later performed a series of 12 historical paintings for the Moscow magazine «Fidelity» to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. In 1914, with the beginning of the First World War, he was appointed battle-painter at the headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. In a special car-atelier he toured many areas of the front, giving drawing lessons to the heir to the throne. In 1920, he emigrated with units of the White Army. In 1925-1932 he lived in Spain, executed state art orders. In 1932 he moved to France and settled in Grasse. He painted mainly small watercolours, illustrated the history of Ancient Russia, the life in Russia before the revolution. One of his large works «Falconry» depicted Boris Godunov and Ivan the Terrible with his entourage.