MARK MARKOV - GRINBERG (1907 - 2006) The Chelyuskinsy welcomed on the Red Square, 1934

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inscription in Cyrillic «Moscow rejoices. Chelyuskintsy freed from Arctic ice captivity and returned home. Photo made with Leica camera, published and exhibited many times». (lower left), signed by M. Markov-Grinberg and dated 1934 (lower right), stamp in Cyrillic «Photo by M. Markov-Grinberg» (on the reverse) gelatin-silver print image 32.7 x 48 cm (plate 49 x 58.5 cm) printed later for an exhibition Provenance: Borodulin collection Mark Borisovich Markov-Grinberg was a Soviet photographer, photo artist and photo correspondent of the All-Union News Agency TASS. He is an honorary member of the Russian Union of Photographers. Markov-Grinberg’s works were shown in Australia, Germany, France, England, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, Yugoslavia, Singapore, Hungary, Romania, Poland and other countries.