DITERIKHS M.K. (1874-1937) Execution of the Royal family and members of the Romanov family in the Urals: in 2 parts. Buenos Aires: Russian word, 1972.

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Part 1. 441, [2] p.; Part 2. 234, [2] p.; 23,5x16,5 cm. In the publishing cover. Minor contamination of the cover. Gluing up of the top of the spine (sticking tape). Reprint reproduction of the first edition of 1922 (Vladivostok, 1922). The author of the book is a Russian General and public figure; one of the organizers of the White movement in Siberia. In July 1919 he commanded the Siberian army of A. V. Kolchak, in July - November 1919 - the Eastern front. He personally superwised the investigation of the execution of the Royal Family, conducted by investigator N. A. Sokolov. He succeeded to unite the Orthodox Russian people and organize in 1922 in Primorye session of the Amur Zemsky Sobor (Regional Conference), at which its participants announced that ‘the Supreme All-Russian power belongs to the Royal House of Romanov’. At this Council he was elected ‘Governor and Voevoda (Commander) of the Zemstvo (Regional) army’, ‘Ruler of the Amur Zemsky Region’. In emigration since October 1922. The book is written on the basis of the materials of the investigative case of N. A. Sokolov, available in the possession of the author.