Lotto 509
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1) MAKOVSKY Sergey Konstantinovich (1877-1962) Circle and shadow: the fifth book of poetry. Paris: Rhyme, 1951. - 45 p.; 16. 5x12, 3 cm. In the publishing cover. The front cover is detached from the block, minor fragments at the edges of the cover missing. 2) BULICH Vera Sergeevna (1898-1954) Branches: the Fourth book of poems. Paris: Rhyme, 1954. - 46 p.; 16x12, 5 cm. In the publishing cover. Minor contamination of the cover, the spine slightly detached from the block. 3) BELAVINA Nonna Sergeevna (1915-2004) Poems: selected poems from three books and new poems. New York: ed. the author, 1985. - 136 p.: portr.; 21, 5x14 cm. In the publishing cover. Nonna Belavina (Real name Miklashevskaya (1915-2004) was born in Yevpatoria. In 1920 she was evacuated from Russia with her parents, first to Constantinople, then to Yugoslavia. During the war she moved to Belgrade and entered the Russian drama theatre. In September she left for the USA. She began to write verses in very early age.The notebooks with her poems written in 1928 are still preserved. Later she wrote in Serbian. She was practicing translations. Rare book. 4) VELICHKOVSKAYA T.A. (1908-1990), AUTOGRAPH White staff: Poems. Paris: Rifma, 1952. - 46 p.; 16, 5x12, 5 cm. In the publishing cover. The author’s gift inscription on the first empty page: ‘To Dear Maria Vasilievna in sign of memory of our brief meeting / T. Velichkovskaya / 3 / 8.67 Paris’. The first book of poems. Tamara Antonovna Velichkovskaya (1908-1990) - poetess, novelist, journalist, dancer, singer of the ‘first wave’ of the Russian emigration. 5) PIAST V.A. (real name - Pestovsky; 1886-1940) Fence: the first book of lyrics. Berlin; Pb.; M.: ed. Z. I. Grzhebin, 1922. - 108 p., 1 p. front. (portr.); 13,5x11 cm. The frontispiece contains portrait of the author of the work of Yuri Annenkov. Publisher’s cover. Slight fading of cover, half title detached from the block. Bibliography: Turchinsky. p. 444.