KURAKIN I.A. (1874-1950) A postcard and a letter addressed to Uncle, Count A.N. Ignatiev (1874-1948).

Lotto 461
Greeting card with the image of Milan. 1934 8.5x13 cm. Handwritten letter with congratulations on Christmas. December 9, 1943 4 p. 13.5x9 cm. Bishop Ioann (Prince Ivan Anatolyevich Kurakin; 1874-1950) - political figure, Yaroslavl provincial leader of the nobility, member of the State Duma of the Russian Empire of the III convocation, Minister of Finance of the Provisional Government of the Northern Region. From 1920 he lived in exile in France. In 1931, in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Paris, he was ordained a deacon, and on August 28, he became a priest, served as rector of the Nicholas church in Milan. Since 1949, he became a monk with the name John. Count Alexei Nikolayevich Ignatiev (1874-1948) - Russian officer, diplomat and statesman; the last Kiev governor. Participated in the White movement, with the army of General Yudenich. After the defeat of the White armies, he emigrated to France. Organized an Orthodox church and a Russian cultural center in his house.