BUNIN I.A. (1870-1953), AUTOGRAPH. Yablonovsky S.V. (1870-1953), AUTOGRAPH. List from the poem ‘Iz moey zhizhni’ [«From my life»] by V.Y. Brusov. Without date and without place [presumably Paris, after 1924].

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2 p.; 27x17 cm. Paper, pencil. The poem was written by V. Brusov in 1919 as an introduction to the autobiographical poem he conceived (the idea was not realized). It is published in Brusov’s editions under the title «Introduction». In Bunin-Yablonovsky’s list it is given with the original title and explanation. the entire text is in the hand of Ivan Bunin, except the end of the last line, the date and the name of the author (written in the hand of S. Yablonovsky). Provenance: Sergei Viktorovich Yablonsky (real name Potresov; 1870-1953) - journalist, literary and theatre critic, teacher, public figure. He worked in editorial office of Moscow newspaper «Russkoe slovo» (1901-1917). He was an active member of the People’s Freedom Party. In early 1920 emigrated to Egypt. He founded a gymnasium for children, taught Russian there and served for a time as its director. In the same year he moved to France. He taught at the Russian Folk University in Paris. In 1928 there was a celebration on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of his literary activity (chaired by I.A. Bunin)