KUTEPOV A.P. (1882-1930) A handwritten letter on a pneumatic card addressed to G.A. Aleksinsky.Paris, 07/24/1925.

Lotto 418
13.5x10.5 cm. The card was sent by mail. Folding creases, missing fragment of the lower right corner. Alexander Pavlovich Kutepov (1882-1930) - Russian military leader, General of Infantry, an active participant in the White movement. In 1928-1930, after the death of Wrangel, he was the chairman of the Russian All-Military Union. On January 26, 1930, Kutepov was abducted in Paris by Soviet intelligence agents and, according to Nedelya (No. 49, 1989), died «of a heart attack» on a Soviet ship en route to Novorossiysk. Provenance: G.A. Aleksinsky archive.