Grazhdanskaya voyna na yuge [CIVIL WAR IN THE SOUTH] Olen. Uzhasi chrezvychaek: Bolshevistsky zastenok v Kharkove i Zarizine [Deer. Horrors of the Extraordinary: Bolshevik Imprisonment in Kharkov and Tsaritsyn] / Olen. Rostov n/D, 1919.

Lotto 406
- 32 p.; 17,5x13,5 cm. Illustrated cover. Stamp of the publishing house «Russkoe Delo» (Prague) on the title page. A propaganda brochure of the OSVAG (Information Agency), the information and propaganda organ of the Volunteer Army, later the Armed Forces of the South of Russia in the Civil War which had a monopoly of providing information about the actions of the official structures of the White South and distributing that information in the territories under its power. Founded in the summer of 1918 by General Denikin.