TROTSKY LEV DAVIDOVICH (1879-1940) AUTOGRAPH. Letter signed “L.Trotsky”, addressed to Gérard Rosenthal. Constantinople, October 26, 1929.

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1 p. in-folio typed. In French. Rare in French. Leon Trotski had signed a contract with the publisher Frédéric Rieder for the publication of French translations of three of his books, La Révolution défigurée, L’Internationale communiste, and Ma Vie. Difficulties arose, particularly over his autobiography, as Trotsky was dissatisfied with the first translation and protested against the choice of title Memoirs, which the publisher wanted to impose. “Dear Comrade Gerard, I am sending you herewith an “official” letter about my - indeed unhappy - relationship with Rieder. […] I believe that Rieder is either bankrupt or is simply stealing from me, without even having this excuse […]. I would be very grateful if you could intervene, it has become quite necessary and urgent. […]”. One of Trotsky’s main supporters and his legal representative in France, Gérard Rosenthal (1903-1992) was initially close to the Surrealists, with whom he met Pierre Naville. He joined the newspaper Clarté with Pierre Naville in 1926 and joined the Communist Party in 1927, while criticising some of his political positions. He was admitted to the Paris Bar in 1928. He approached the Russian opposition, belonged for a time to Boris Souvarine’s circle and was expelled from the CP in May 1928. Elected to the executive commission of the Communist League in April 1930, he was also a member of the central committee of the Internationalist Workers’ Party (1936-1939). During the war, he took part in the Resistance in the maquis.