LENIN V.I. (1870-1924) Excerpt from the letter. Attached brochure, 1905.

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Letter 1/2 page, text from 2 sides, without a signature (traces of re). Attached brochure: Two tactics of social democracy in the democratic revolution / N. Lenin; Russian social democratic workers’ party. Geneva: print of the party, 1905. IV, 108 p.; 18,5x12 cm. In publishing cover. Numbers on the title page, foreign stamp on the reverse. This work was written in June-July 1905 in Geneva in conditions of development of the bourgeois-democratic revolution in Russia. In Geneva it was published first time. The same year it was reprinted twice in Russia and illegally distributed in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Tbilisi, Baku, Perm and other cities. On February 19, 1907, the St. Petersburg Committee for press affairs seized the book; on December 22, 1907, the St. Petersburg judicial chamber issued a decree on its destruction. First edition.