KOVANKO A.M. (1856-1919) Ukazaatel russkih knig i statey po vozdukhoplavaniyu i golubinoy poche c 1783 po 1901 [Index of Russian books and articles about aeronautics and pigeon mail from 1783 to 1901]. SPb., 1903.

Lotto 386
- [2], 123 pp.; 22 cm. In typographic publisher’s cover. Print from the «Notes of the Imperial Russian Technical Society». Alexander Matveevich Kovanko (1856-1919) - one of the organizers of aeronautics and aviation in Russia, initiator of production of balloons and dirigibles in Russia, director of Training Aeronautical Park and Officers’ Aeronautical School, lieutenant-general. The index contains 2094 titles of books and articles, compiled from available material from the personal library of A.M. Kovanko